• "Establishes Laurent Binet as the clear heir to the late Umberto Eco, writing novels that are both brilliant and playful, dense with ideas while never losing sight of their need to entertain... One of the funniest, most riotously inventive and enjoyable novels you’ll read this year"

    Alex Preston, Observer
  • "A hugely entertaining novel, taking delight in its own twists and turns"

    Nicholas Lezard, Spectator
  • "Lively, earthy, experimental, ambitious, clever and endlessly entertaining… Smart, witty, direct, cool"

    Hal Jensen, The Times Literary Supplement
  • "The premise is a stroke of genius. Roland Barthes did not die following an accident in 1980; he was murdered… The strands of the plot are skilfully interwoven through a dual process of fictionalisation of the real and realisation of the fictional"

    Andrew Gallix, Financial Times
  • "An almost filmic detective romp, taking in glamorous international locations, killer dogs, Bulgarian secret agents, several varieties of sex and wild car chases"

    Andrew Hussey, Literary Review

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