• "It just sings. I couldn’t stop reading."

    Mark Haddon
  • "This beautiful book is at once heartfelt and clever in the way it mixes elegy with celebration: elegy for a father lost, celebration of a hawk found - and in the finding also a celebration of countryside, forbears of one kind and another, life-in-death. At a time of very distinguished writing about the relationship between human kind and the environment, it is immediately pre-eminent."

    Andrew Motion
  • "H is for Hawk is a dazzling piece of work: deeply affecting, utterly fascinating and blazing with love and intelligence… The result is a deeply human work shot through…with intelligence and compassion… I will be surprised if a better book than H is for Hawk is published this year."

    Melissa Harrison, Financial Times
  • "I'm convinced it's going to be an absolute classic of nature writing."

    Nick Barley, Guardian
  • "I can't remember the last time a book made me feel so many different things in such quick succession."

    Rachel Cooke, Guardian
  • "[Macdonald’s] descriptive writing, startlingly and devilishly precise…is only the half of it. She has written her taming of Mabel like a thriller, slowly and carefully cranking the tension is that your stomach and heart leap queasily towards each other… Captivates."

    Rachel Cooke, Observer
  • "Captivating… There is a highly polished brilliance to her writing. The English-speaking world has an old passion for books about creatures and captivating companions … Helen Macdonald looks set to revive the genre."

    Guardian, Mark Cocker
  • "Nature-writing, but not as you know it. Astounding."

  • "It is a mark of Macdonald’s achievement that so exultant a book can resolve itself in a sense of failure, yet leave the reader as uplifted as a raptor riding on a thermal."

    Philip Hoare, New Statesman
  • "MacDonald’s prose is poetic, forensic, yet often capable of quickening the pulse. Her lexicon…is vivid and joyous, soaring as freely as birds do."

    Benjamin Myers, New Scientist