• "[A] smashing new book… <b>fascinating</b>"

    Daily Telegraph
  • "<b>Lively and fascinating</b> … [Immerwahr] is incapable of writing a dull page, and he has a real gift for making <b>striking and unusual connections</b>"

    Sunday Telegraph
  • "To call this <b>standout book</b> a corrective would make it sound earnest and dutiful, when in fact it is <b>wry, readable and often astonishing </b>… It’s a testament to Immerwahr’s <b>considerable storytelling skills</b> that I found myself riveted by his sections on Hoover’s quest for standardized screw threads, wondering what might happen next. But beyond its collection of anecdotes and arcana, this <b>humane book</b> offers something bigger and more profound. <i>How to Hide an Empire</i> <b>nimbly combines breadth and sweep with fine-grained attention to detail</b>. <b>The result is a provocative and absorbing history of the United States — ‘not as it appears in its fantasies, but as it actually is.’</b>"

    New York Times