• "A glimpse of the 21st century rock'n'roll."

    Sunday Times, 'Books of the Year'
  • "Grime, Britain's answer to hip-hop, is the most significant homegrown music genre since punk and its founding father is Wiley. <i>Eskiboy</i> charts not just Wiley's story and character but grime's journey from chaotic and frequently violent raves in warehouses to mainstream credibility."

    The Times, 'Books of the Year'
  • "Incredible. A whirlwind chronicle of friendships, family, violence, beefs, parenting, politics, race and a pure, mad passion for music. <i>Eskiboy</i> ensures everyone falls in love with Richard Kylea Cowie, the charmingly fallible lead at the heart not only of this book but the grime scene itself."

  • "Wiley is the pioneering force of grime, the most revolutionary musical movement in Britain since punk. Captivating."

    The Times