• A compelling account from the inside of the strange, sad death of liberal Britain. This is a passionate plea for the centre ground, which has never seemed so remote (or precious) in our current political dispensation

    Ian McEwan
  • This engrossing account is written with a warmth and generosity that can’t have been easy to sustain given the trials and tribulations he recounts so entertainingly

    Alan Johnson
  • Essential reading for anyone fearful of the rise of populist extremism or who thinks coalitions are the future of British politics

    Robert Peston
  • This is an important book: a revealing analysis of British politics today and why it urgently needs reform

    Shirley Williams
  • People of all political persuasions owe Nick Clegg a debt that I have no doubt history will acknowledge

    John Major
  • It’s impossible not to warm to Clegg on the basis of this book. He’s human and humane, honest about his faults but insistent that liberalism still has everything to offer in a fractured culture

    Evening Standard
  • This isn’t just a memoir of government … lots of considered and rational observations on how we run our society and economy … good ideas about how the civil service and the British constitution might be improved … Clegg does have qualities that are admirable, both in a politician and in a human being. He’s honest about his mistakes, and examines in detail how his failures to understand the political game made his Liberal Democrats so horribly vulnerable at last year’s election … fluent and chatty … thoughtful

  • An honest, likeable, rueful account … Clegg writes with charm and humour about political life

    Michael Ignatieff, Financial Times
  • Engagingly frank and wry … still as upbeat about the future of liberal politics as he was in 2009 … Political memoirs are often used to settle scores. Clegg’s is subtly different … He takes full and rueful responsibility … good, helpful and public-spirited … This book isn’t an attack on his coalition partners, it is about ensuring the Liberal Democrats get the recognition they deserve when the second draft of history is written … Clegg was undoubtedly right to believe that in agreeing to be alongside the Tories in a government that would implement three-quarters of the Lib Dem’s manifesto, he was doing a rational, noble thing … Clegg analyses without rancour

    Jenni Russell, Sunday Times
  • This is not a doleful book … soul-baring and commendably candid about his mistakes, but also a spirited defence … Despite his own battering experience, Clegg remakes the case for multi-party governments and pragmatic compromise in an age of populists preaching ideological purities … If he is correct, this honest and thoughtful book has some useful advice

    Andrew Rawnsley, Observer

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