• "This furious dispatch from the front line of the hospital system argues we must care for our medics more... a book that may have found its popular moment."

    The Times, 'Book of the Week'
  • "Caroline Elton is an occupational psychologist who has worked with medics for more than 20 years. She is uniquely qualified to comment... I’d be surprised if anyone who reads it will ever look at doctors in the same light again."

  • "Also Human describes, through a series of case histories... the emotional and psychological problems that doctors can face. The interesting question... is how doctors overcome such feelings and carry on working, despite often having to witness, and sometimes cause, terrible suffering for our patients. At the heart of this book is the problem of how emotional resilience can be identified in prospective doctors and strengthened in practising doctors. We are fallible human beings, not omniscient gods."

    Sunday Times
  • "Her descriptions of the psychological forces underlying the way doctors act … is fascinating, with succinct explorations."

    Literary Review

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