• "Richardson has created a pattern-perfect double-breasted biography of two gay brothers, who, in an unlikely rags to riches story, were brought up in north London and went on to shape the social and sartorial side of life in the 1960s"

    Sunday Times, **Books of the Year**
  • "<b>Captivating</b> ... an <b>engaging</b> analysis of the British class system and the fashion industry, gay liberation and the Aids crisis, which<b> plays out like a binge-worthy Netflix series</b>"

    Financial Times
  • "<b>Splendidly readable and gossipy</b> ... a <b>gripping</b> read that is as much social history as it is biography ... <i>House of Nutter</i>, Richardson's first book, is a fine match of author and subject. He writes with <b>flair and erudition</b>, making extensive use of interviews with David, and <b>bringing something new</b> to the evocation of an era that might seem overfamiliar ... <b>it's hard to find fault with this thoroughly enjoyably glimpse into high fashion and low life</b>"

    The Observer
  • "What makes Lance Richardson's biography so much more than a humdrum story of rags to riches -- or rather rags to bespoke -- is its <b>illuminating and vividly drawn</b> account of the milieu, both social and sartorial, in which Nutter moved, and the <b>intriguing</b> parallel history of his elder brother, David"

    Sunday Telegraph
  • "Lance Richardson’s <b>lively, affectionate</b>, occasionally breathless book is a double narrative, the story of two brothers who rose from modest north London origins to the fringes of international stardom ... <b>Compelling</b>"

    The Guardian