• "Its portrayal of the tightening vice of alcohol addiction is unparalleled. But its profound exploration of its love, companionship, faith, work and our search for meaning in life made it a tender masterpiece, and one of the year’s essential reads."

    Justine Jordan, Guardian, **Books of the Year**
  • "MacLaverty doesn’t publish novels very often but when he does they are outstanding."

    Peter Kemp, Sunday Times, **Books of the Year**
  • "A gem of a novel."

    Allan Hunter, Herald Scotland, **Books of the Year**
  • "Alive with utterly convincing actuality, this affecting, funny and acute book is a triumph of quiet masterliness."

    Peter Kemp, Herald Scotland, **Books of the Year**
  • "It's an immersive and astonishing book."

    Jackie Kay, Herald Scotland, **Books of the Year**