• "Powerfully life-affirming... Brainstorm is testament to O'Sullivan's unshowy clarity of thought and her continued marvelling at the mysteries of the brain"

    Colin Grant, Guardian
  • "A fascinating attempt to draw the lay reader into understanding more about the function and malfunction of the brain by using real-life stories... O'Sullivan is a good, clear writer, lacks pomposity and avoids cliché -- her first book, It's All in Your Head, won the Wellcome Prize"

    David Aaronovitch, The Times
  • "O'Sullivan writes beautifully and is full of wonder... a pleasure"

    John Preston, Mail on Sunday
  • "A tremendously interesting work of medical humanity... The main effect of this fascinating collection of clinical stories, by the end, is to make any reader without brain dysfunction exceedingly grateful for the fragile miracle going in inside their own skull every second"

    Steven Poole, Daily Telegraph
  • "I loved it. She is in my view the best science writer around - a true descendant of Oliver Sacks"

    Sathnam Sanghera, author of The Boy with the Topknot