• "Riveting"

    Irish Examiner
  • "Very persuasive … There are few new big ideas in politics and few answers to the serious challenge faced by democratic politics ... invigorating and advance[s] a promising practical idea … fresh, challenging and uncomplicated"

    Daniel Finkelstein, The Times
  • "This fine iconoclastic work could not be more timely ... demonstrate[s] that far from safeguarding our right to self-determination, elections are actually impeding our democracy"

    Karen Armstrong
  • "Mounts a convincing case that we have wrongly conflated democracy with elections"

  • "Van Reybrouck wants to revive a system in which government is not just for the people, but really by the people … a persuasive description of a system designed to be soundly based in popular assent … A President Trump might focus attention on his views"

    Financial Times