• "An elegant, emotional self-examination, full of bleak but truthful insights about the lies and compromises of love"

    The Times
  • "This book is very much at the crossroads of writing-as-therapy and the sort of fact-fiction blurring that fans of WG Sebald and Geoff Dyer will appreciate"

  • "Carrère brings the whole to sharp focus with a few jarring truths and a moment of great beauty. You leave its last pages with a deep appreciation for life"

    Washington Post
  • "Emmanuel Carrère has written a work of infinite sorrow, infernal jealousy, and violent passion. My Life as a Russian Novel dazzles"

    Le Monde
  • "Brims with ideas and incidents... Gripping and fascinating, an intimate portrait of a complicated man's inner life and his struggles to find some kind of happiness and fulfilment"

  • "A captivating memoir that reads like a literary erotic-suspense novel"

    Boston Globe
  • "As a writer, Carrère is straight berserk; as a storyteller he is so freakishly talented, so unassuming in grace and power that you only realize the hold he's got on your when you attempt to pull away"

    Junot Díaz
  • "He's the best kind of writer, not just a bestseller but a man who is not afraid to leave the comfort zone of his desk, go out into the world, take risks, and get his shoes dirty"

  • "Excoriating and forcefully intelligent"

    Nat Segnit, Times Literary Supplement