• "<b>The super spy is back, with a fresh injection</b> <b>from novelist and screenwriter extraordinaire, Anthony Horowitz.</b> The <b>expert in suspense</b> takes us back to the beginning of James Bond’s story… <b>the story rips along</b> with plenty of familiar Bond staples: evil villains, fast cars and women falling for young Bond’s charms. <b>Ian Fleming would be proud</b>."

  • "Horowitz is <b>a worthy successor to Ian Fleming, putting 007 back in his true domain</b>… This New Bond is <b>up there with the better Old Bonds</b>… The denouement is<b> a very fine piece of action writing</b>… Horowitz has done <b>splendidly</b>."

  • "Straight away Horowitz is able to capture Fleming’s flowing style and intricate details from how Bond likes his eggs in the morning to the cars he drives... He’s <b>just as faithfully suave as in the original novels</b>."

    Daily Express
  • "A novel that <b>feels very like a film</b>… <b>fast-paced, skilfully written</b>… <b>leaves you wanting more</b>, and for serious Bond junkies [it] is the next fix in a long tale of addiction."

    The Times
  • "<b>Even better than </b><i><b>Trigger Mortis</b>… </i>it is <b>tremendous fun</b>. Anthony Horowitz has the discipline and skill of <b>a first-class action writer.</b>"

    Sunday Express