• "A book of heart-stopping bravery and endurance, packed with astonishing—and sometimes gruesome—encounters with wild creatures. James Aldred is an old-school hero, and his thrilling recollections of a life of adventure driven by a love for trees will give you new reverence for the beauties and mysteries of the natural world. "

    Helen Macdonald
  • "The giant trees, described by James Aldred, are full of wonder and his fascinating book is a story of real adventure"

    Peter Wohlleben, author of the international bestseller THE HIDDEN LIFE OF TREES
  • "A great read – incredible adventures and a dramatic new perspective from the arms of the world’s giants"

    Chris Packham
  • "Passionate and courageous, in his masterpiece of a memoir, James Aldred reminds us that the sweet green world around us is as alive as any creature--and trees are wondrous individuals with deep truths to tell. This is a book filled with beauty, suspense and revelation. I loved it!"

    Sy Montgomery, author of THE SOUL OF AN OCTOPUS
  • "[A] delightful, endlessly fascinating book"

    Brian Viner, Dail Mail BOOK OF THE WEEK