• "Revelatory – it should be required reading for policy and decision makers everywhere"

    Nicola Sturgeon
  • "HELL YES. This is one of those books that has the potential to change things – a monumental piece of research"

    Caitlin Moran
  • "Revelatory, frightening, hopeful. A secular Bible"

    Jeanette Winterson
  • "This book is a devastating indictment of institutionalised complacency and a rallying cry to fight backInvisible Women should propel women into action. It should also be compulsory reading for men"

    Christina Patterson, Sunday Times
  • "Invisible Women takes on the neglected topic of what we don't know - and why. The result is a powerful, important and eye-opening analysis of the gender politics of knowledge and ignorance. With examples from technology to natural disasters, this is an original and timely reminder of why we need women in the leadership of the institutions that shape every aspect of our lives."

    Cordelia Fine