• "Self-contained, inscrutable, and weirdly captivating, like a salvaged object that wants to return to the sea"

    Katy Waldman, New Yorker
  • "Sea Monsters is a mesmerizing, revelatory novel, smart and funny and laced with a strangeness that is never facile but serves as a profound and poetic tool for navigating our shared world. Chloe Aridjis is the rare writer who reinvents herself in each book; she is, for my money, one of the most brilliant novelists working in English today"

    Garth Greenwell
  • "I love the way Chloe Aridjis creates her own worlds in prose, and I especially love how Sea Monsters has invented the world of adolescence and its reveries: violent and tender, logical and dreamlike – a twenty-first century essay disguised as a nineteenth-century fable"

    Adam Thirlwell
  • "Eccentrically detailed…Aridjis scrambles your brain, not with high-modernist pyrotechnics but by the stealthier means of undermining the assumption that a novel’s words exist to advance the story…You enjoy Luisa’s company without ever being quite sure why she wants us around"

    Anthony Cummins, Observer
  • "Sea Monsters is destined to be a classic: a richly imaginative, reflective and mesmerising novel"

    Xiaolu Guo
  • "A searingly hypnotic work, a dazzling tale of enchantment and disenchantment"

    Laura Esquivel, author of Like Water For Chocolate
  • "Intense and impressionistic, it seems to hang on in the air long after the last page."

    Rupert Thomson
  • "The language is precise, strange, evocative and wise... Aridjis’s novel poses far more questions than it answers, and it does so accurately and beautifully."

    RO Kwon, Guardian
  • "Aridjis riffs like a poet, letting each image twist and grow into the next... The novel’s strength lies in its ability to turn to the next magic trick, the next detail, the next sight. Those sights are all the more impressive when conjured solely from language. By opting out of fiction’s conventional prioritization of plot or character development, Aridjis foregrounds her ability to develop images and metaphors. The result is seductive in its multiplicity. Mallarmé would be proud"

    Lily Meyer, Atlantic
  • "The novel's brilliance lies in capturing so convincingly that state of adolescent restlessness... Aridjis’s languid prose lets these images wash over the reader, unfurling in comma-rich sentences that beautifully render a state of inertia"

    Francesca Carington, Daily Telegraph