• "A highly accessible book. It’s also an important one… it has the power to do vastly more for gender equality than any number of feminist “manifestos”… revolutionary to a gloriuos degree ... supremely clear-eyed … thought-provoking"

    Rachel Cooke, Observer
  • "A treasure trove of information and good humour, The Gendered Brain offers thought-provoking perspectives on the latest debates about sex, gender and the brain."

    Cordelia Fine, author of TESTOSTERONE REX
  • "Essential reading"

    Katy Guest, Guardian
  • "A smart and witty addition to the literature on sex differences. Gina Rippon is one of the most outspoken scientists in this area, and she debunks a whole host of sexist stereotypes in her new book."

    Angela Saini, author of INFERIOR
  • "[An] excellent…book… it will reward those willing to put in the effort… [and] put weapons in the arsenal of those trying to tackle sexism"

    Rosamund Urwin, Sunday Times