Due for release 23rd August 2018

The Death of the Gods

Power and Control in the Twenty-First Century

Carl Miller


A groundbreaking examination of the new centres of power and control in the twenty-first century

A new force is chipping away at the old, familiar places where power used to sit: jolting economies, transforming political parties, swallowing newspapers, eclipsing experts, dismantling corporations. But as it rips down traditional seats of power, it is at the same time redistributing that power to new, mysterious places, in new, mysterious ways.

In The Death of the Gods, Carl Miller takes us on a journey to expose the centres of control today, and how the new power is shaping our world. Moving through several realms – work, politics, business, culture, media and crime – The Death of the Gods draws on pioneering research and analysis to describe how power is created, applied and sustained in the twenty-first century, and attempts to define what power really means today.

A new world order has emerged. Astounding new opportunities – as broadcaster, politician, entrepreneur or activist – are at our fingertips. But how available is power today? Do we have more power than ever before, or are we more controlled than ever before?

  • William Heinemann
  • Published 23rd August 2018
  • 400 Pages
  • £20.00