• "A delightful memoir"

    Juliet Nicolson, Sunday Telegraph Magazine
  • "Poetic, idiosyncratic, poignant, funny, unflagging, scintillating, simple, stylish; not the book of the season, or of the bedside table; a be read and reread and loved for a lifetime."

    Evelyn Waugh
  • "Lady Diana was no ordinary upper-class English rose: She was perhaps the first person from such a background to go on the stage, wowing audiences on both sides of the Atlantic"

    Washington Times
  • "Admired and adored as a classic beauty and first-division socialite during the frivolous Twenties and Thirties, Lady Diana was one of the last survivors of the set which revolved around the Prince of Wales and Mrs Simpson"

    The Times
  • "One of the glittering social personalities of an era of wealth and privilege, combining as she did exceptional grace and beauty with verve and a nature of deep and intense feeling"

    The Times