• "Beyond terrific. I didn’t want it to end."

    Bill Bryson
  • "Thoroughly absorbs the reader. . . Carefully researched and well-crafted, it brings the story of a ship vividly to life."

    Sunday Times
  • "[Palin’s] narrative is driven by a deep sympathy for explorers and adventurers, while also being illuminated by flashes of gentle wit . . . It’s a fascinating story that he brings full-bloodedly to life, stripping away the barnacles of the past to reveal the hidden history of a ship."

    Robert Douglas-Fairhurst, Guardian
  • "Everybody’s talking about it . . . A brilliant book."

    Chris Evans, BBC Radio 2
  • "With this irresistible and often harrowing account, Michael Palin makes a convincing case that one heroic little ship embodied the golden ago of polar exploration better than any other: HMS Erebus."

    John Geiger, co-author of Frozen in Time
  • "[Written] with a wry enthusiasm, bolstered by his own experiences as an eminent explorer and film-maker . . . His moving account of the discovery of abandoned items, taken on board as comforts of home by the officers – silver cutlery with their initials indented, scattered on a frozen shore – affected me the most."

    Colin Greenwood, Radiohead bassist, Spectator
  • "I absolutely loved it: I had to read it at one sitting . . . Fascinating."

    Lorraine Kelly, ITV Lorraine
  • "Magisterial . . . A natural storyteller, [Palin] captures beautifully the sense of awe experienced by Ross and his men as they encountered the wonders and terrors of Antarctica . . . He brings energy, wit and humanity to a story that has never ceased to tantalise people since the 1840s."

    The Times
  • "At this late date, and against all odds, Michael Palin has found an original way to enter and explore the Royal Navy narrative of polar exploration. Palin is a superb stylist, low-key and conversational, who skillfully incorporates personal experience. He turns up obscure facts, reanimates essential moments, and never shies away from taking controversial positions. This beautifully produced volume – colour plates, outstanding maps – is a landmark achievement."

    Ken McGoogan, author of Fatal Passage
  • "This is an incredible book. I couldn’t put it down. The Erebus story is the Arctic epic we’ve all been waiting for."

    Nicholas Crane

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