• "So clever and original . . . Pure suspense, from the first gripping page to the last shocking twist"

    Erin Kelly
  • "Ware tells a cracking tale and, as in her breakout novel In a Dark, Dark Wood, the house itself plays a hugely menacing part in proceedings."

  • "An ingenious suspense narrative...Ware pulls out a stunner on the penultimate page that radically alters how we interpret everything that’s come before. I daresay even Henry James would be impressed."

    Washington Post
  • "A ghost story for the twenty-first century, a propulsive gothic thriller with characters you’ll really care about. With this book, Ruth Ware proves she’s the true heir to Wilkie Collins. Creepy, engrossing, and oh-so-hard to put down"

    JP Delaney
  • "Diabolically clever. Twisty and creepy, THE TURN OF THE KEY is Ruth Ware's best book yet. Read with a blanket nearby, because you will get shivers up your spine"

    Riley Sager
  • "Ware is an accomplished storyteller...compelling... assured neo-Gothic chiller"

    Irish Times
  • "[Ruth Ware is] an adroit practitioner in the art of psychological suspense . . . Thoughtful and provocative"

  • "A superior slice of ghostly suspense"

    Red Online
  • "Eerie and tense, this left me so spooked that I slept with the lights on!"