• "In this lively and inquisitive work of metafiction, a story about stories, Vila-Matas is as deliberate as he is playful, and induces the not altogether unpleasant sensation of getting lost ever deeper in a literary hall of mirrors"

  • "Arguably Spain’s most significant contemporary figure"

    New Yorker
  • "Vila-Matas’s bouncy prose is the highlight of this lively ride through a writer’s mind."

    Publishers Weekly
  • "A metafictional paean to storytelling... Diary, essay, thriller, conspiracy theory, posthumous memoir, novel—Vila-Matas uses all the materials to construct his latest metafictional fun house."

    Kirkus Reviews
  • "[Vila-Matas] chooses humour in a way that allows him to have big ideas while relentlessly making fun of them"

    Sunday Telegraph
  • "Like W.G. Sebald, Geoff Dyer and, more recently, writers such as Rachel Cusk, Teju Cole and Ben Lerner, Vila-Matas manages to create a productive uncertainty in the reader’s mind through his disorientating effects... One of the distinct pleasures of Vila-Matas’ books is that they function as little libraries stuffed with other authors’ works"

    Literary Review