• "One of the most influential thinkers of our time"

    Sunday Times
  • "Matthew Crawford is the grand master of the everyday. He alerts us to the deeper meaning in ordinary activities, such as driving a car, and how they connect to concerns about freedom, responsibility and moral choice. Even if you have no interest in driving you will find yourself swept up by his elegant prose and glad to find his humane intelligence doing battle with some of the most troubling trends in modern life"

    DAVID GOODHART, author of The Road to Somewhere
  • "A next-generation Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance to rally the millions who feel emotionally disconnected from work"

    Financial Times on The Case for Working with Your Hands
  • "The best book I have read for ages ... a profound exploration of modern education, work and capitalism"

    Telegraph on The Case for Working...
  • "A philosophy of how life should be lived, how children should be educated and how economies should be run ... Full of interesting stories and thought-provoking aperçus enlivened with humour ... Important, memorable and enjoyable"

    The Times on The Case for Working