• "<b>My Ancient Mariner novel, the book I’m destined to traipse around fervently pressing into people’s hands</b> . . . [<i>The Western Wind</i> is a] <b>breathtaking </b>exploration of guilt, communal and individual, secrecy and power . . . <b>It made me gasp, and when I’d finished it, I started it again.</b>"

    Times Literary Supplement **Books of the Year 2018**
  • "<b>Beautifully rendered</b>, deeply <b>affecting</b>, thoroughly <b>thoughtful</b>"

    New York Times
  • "<b>A rich and sumptuous delight </b>. . . Even the most glowing reviews of [Samantha Harvey's] work have tended to be accompanied by a rueful acknowledgement of how underrated she is. <b><i>The Western Wind</i> will surely mean that she’s not underrated anymore.</b>"

    Daily Telegraph
  • "A <b>wonderful </b>creation . . . <b>less like reading a novel and more akin to time travel — something I’ve only previously encountered in the work of Hilary Mantel.</b>"

    Financial Times
  • "<b>So ingenious</b> in its plotting and characterisation that <b>it begs to be read twice</b> – the second reading a confirmation of what is slowly, tantalisingly revealed in the first. <b>*****</b>"