• "But the biggest name, with the year’s biggest book, is Margaret Atwood: her Handmaid’s Tale sequel The Testaments"

  • "One of the year’s big novels will undoubtedly be Margaret Atwood’s sequel to The Handmaid’s Tale, The Testaments"

    The Times
  • "Margaret Atwood has just done her own thing and now she is one of those authors who is helping to change the culture. I love her for her politics. When The Handmaid's Tale was published in 1985, it just seemed that that kind of theocracy and patriarchy she was depicting couldn't happen, the world was progressing, but look where we are"

    Sunday Times
  • "For my money, the single most exciting publishing event of the year"

  • "One of the most eagerly awaited books of the year"

    Daily Express
  • "The Handmaid’s Tale fans, rejoice"

  • "We'll be poring over The Handmaid's Tale for the 100th time in readiness"

    Good Housekeeping
  • "It will be one of the literary events of the year"

  • "Clearly the Booker Prize judges got their hands on an early copy, and it looks like it'll most certainly will be worth the wait"

    UK Press Sydication