• "<b>Fascinating</b>… <b>compelling</b>… <b>[Harari] has teed up a crucial global conversation about how to take on the problems of the 21st century</b>."

    New York Times
  • "<b>The great thinker of our age.</b>"

    The Times
  • "<b>Truly mind-expanding</b>… <b>Ultra-topical</b>… Harari’s big selling point [is] the ambition and breadth of his work, <b>smashing together unexpected ideas into dazzling observations</b>."

  • "<b>Erudite, illuminating, vivid</b>. [Harari’s] lessons suggest new ways of thinking about current problems… <b>a splendid, sobering, stirring call to arms.</b>"

    Sunday Times
  • "More comprehensible [than <i>Sapiens </i>and <i>Homo Deus</i>]... showing you things you thought you knew about in a completely new way… <b>I find Harari’s writing exhilarating.</b>"

    Radio Times
  • "<b>Harari thrills his readers because he addresses the biggest possible topics with confidence and brio</b>. Compared with the subjects he tackles, anything else we might read looks piffling and parochial."

    Evening Standard
  • "Harari’s <b>genius</b> at weaving together insights from different disciplines, ranging from ancient history to neuroscience to philosophy to artificial intelligence, has enabled him to respond to the clamour to understand where we have come from and where we might be heading… <b><i>21 Lessons</i> is lit up by flashes of intellectual adventure and literary verve.</b>"

    Financial Times
  • "Written in the author’s trademark lucid prose, the book makes difficult concept comprehensible, and is very much a work for our times… <b><i>21 Lessons</i> absorbs from start to finish.</b>"

  • "<b>A terrific primer on where we are now and where we might be heading</b>… Harari is a <b>superb</b> global cartographer, and <b><i>21 Lessons for the 21st Century</i> is a lucid and essential read.</b>"

    Arts Desk