• "<b>A magnificent counterpoint of four generations of fathers and sons</b> ... Like DeLillo in [<i>Underworld</i>], Scibona wreaks an epic from the lives of ordinary, supposedly negligible men. <b>Scibona has built a masterpiece.</b>"

    New York Times Book Review
  • "[Scibona is] <b>a born novelist</b>: He conveys a world in a detail. Scibona can take us into the broken heart of a child lost in a foreign airport, the shattering chaos of a night assault during the Vietnam War and the quiet intensity of a working-class New York neighborhood... <b>Work like <i>The Volunteer</i> can never be one thing only, upbeat or down. It’s teeming, brilliantly.</b>"

    The Washington Post
  • "<b>Salvatore Scibona’s exhilarating new novel [is]… </b><b>a searing record of war and the lies people live by</b>… Despite all the destruction and despair, in this novel hope emerges as the wildest high."

  • "What perfect pitch, what perfect rhythm. <b>These are sentences that are in love with the world and that make us love the world, too.</b>"

    The Boston Globe
  • "<b>Scibona is a remarkable writer and <i>The Volunteer </i>is a remarkable book</b>... It is a war story unlike any other war story, a story of fathers and sons, of family (both biological and manufactured) and of generations of betrayal and abandonment... <b>All of it — <i>all </i>of it — is just so ridiculously beautiful.</b>"

  • "<b>Salvatore Scibona is gravely, terminally, a born writer</b> – a high artist and exquisite craftsman. Yes his sentences are perfect but not merely; a surplus of dark and tender wisdom, who knows its source, makes his language – and the world – glow with meaning."

    Rachel Kushner
  • "<b><i>The Volunteer</i> is a wonder right from page one</b>, lovely in its language and aching in its insights."

    Victor LaValle

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