• "A wild journey: an odyssey… A feat of narrative concision that is by turns dreamy, and gritty. If it’s a fantastic comic – and I think that it is – then it’s also one of the best books about the Brontës’ juvenilia ever written."

    Rachel Cooke, Observer
  • "The weird and wonderful world of the Brontës is brought to life in beautiful, blazing colourA wonderful book. Greenberg is impressively well-informed about the Brontës, but handles her facts lightly, allowing full power to the beautiful and sensitive images… It’s strange how moving these images are."

    Claire Harman, Evening Standard, *Book of the Week*
  • "[A] beautifully drawn graphic novelFrom the vivid artwork to a story as poignant and touching as it is witty, this is an artful, inventive and deeply moving mash-up of fact and fiction."

    Charlotte Heathcote, Daily Mirror
  • "Glass Town is a book to savour, a captivating mash-up of fact and fantasy, with something wonderful on every page. I loved it."

    Sarah Waters
  • "An ingenious intertwining of real life and make believe, Glass Town explores the Brontës’ creative impulse and its effect on their lives. It is the perfect combination of clever, crazy, and just a tiny bit creepy, and will appeal to anyone who has wondered about how imagination shapes us, as well as to card-carrying Brontë fans."

    Tracy Chevalier
  • "Magical. Isabel Greenberg's drawings are delightful and her imaginative response to the young Brontës' fantasy lives is touching, funny and perceptive."

    Lucasta Miller, author of The Bronte Myth
  • "A totally immersive read into the world of the famous Brontë juvenilia, both of the fiction and its creators. The experience of this made-up world is so real, it brings us closer to the family themselves, and you feel like you understand what it was to be a Brontë sibling – gifted, isolated, tragic, and loved. Isabel Greenberg is the only one who could bring us here, having honed a perfect style that feels timeless, dark, and a little otherworldly. Who else but the Brontë children could appreciate that?"

    Kate Beaton
  • "Glass Town, the graphic novel by Isabel Greenberg, is a wonder. Utterly beautiful, richly imagined - a beautiful vision of the young Brontës and the freedom and expression that imagination brings."

    Rowan Coleman
  • "Here, Greenberg creates a metatextual fantasy, placing the young [Brontë] siblings directly into their imagined world."

  • "An intriguing, insightful not-quite-biography of the Brontë which explores both their real and imaginary worlds."

    Yvette Huddleston, Yorkshire Post