• "If Anne Tyler isn't the best writer in the world, who is?"

    Jane Garvey, BBC Radio 4 Woman's Hour
  • "One of our greatest living fiction writers and if I was in charge, she'd have a Nobel by now"

    Julie Myerson, Observer
  • "Brims with the qualities that have brought her legions of fans and high critical acclaim. Characters pulse with lifelikeness. The tone flickers between humorous relish and sardonic shrewdness. Dialogue crackles with authenticity. Beneath it all is an insistence that it's never too soon to recognise how quickly life can speed by and never too late to make vitalising changes"

    Peter Kemp, Sunday Times
  • "How does she do it? Her style is deceptively simple. Even though she performs narrative cartwheels that would lead other novelists to be praised as experimental... she does it with such ease that it seems closer to life than to art. it is almost as though we are there to witness time passing, and people changing"

    Craig Brown, Mail on Sunday
  • "A writer sharp-eyed as a butcher-bird, skewering complacency... an immensely funny writer... a quiet writer, in that much of her skill goes toward the excision of anything that reminds the reader they are reading"

    Patrick Gale, Sunday Telegraph