• "If there were any justice in the world, there would be a copy of Hudson's powerful examination of her impoverished upbringing and why it continues to resonate under every politician's Christmas tree"

    Sarah Hughes, i Books of the Year
  • "Compelling, fascinating and well-written, undeniably grim but peppered with humour and tenderness, every chapter a testimony to someone’s goodness or fortitude, to the kindness of strangers… Hudson demonstrates that only by lifting whole communities out of poverty, by properly looking after looked-after children and funding a well-rounded welfare state, can we hope to avoid consigning children and young people like her – vulnerable and blameless – to the worst of lives"

    Kit de Waal, Daily Telegraph
  • "An essential read"

    Stylist Remarkable Women Awards 2020
  • "Kerry Hudson invites us to really understand the complexities of being born working class in Britain. Buy it, read it, tell everyone about it"

    Jack Monroe
  • "Beautifully written but with emotional hand grenades detonating on almost every page…a breathtaking odyssey"

    Stephen McGinty, Sunday Times