• "Often, the best books work on you subcutaneously, by accretion, not letting you know precisely what they’re about until days or even weeks after you’ve finished them... Vivid and memorableSlack-Tide is a fierce and often very funny send-up of a generation of men who think they can have their cake and eat it."

    Alex Preston, Observer
  • "Slack-Tide, Elanor Dymott's captivating third novel, is sharp in many ways… [it’s] so convincingly – and, at times, so disastrously – funny… But what makes Slack-Tide distinct is its brilliant depiction of both romantic rapture and heartfelt delusion."

    Sophie Ratcliffe, Daily Telegraph
  • "Forensic and spare, Slack-Tide is a persuasively messy (and sinister) tale of mixed-up emotions."

    Anthony Cummins, Metro
  • "Dymott writes particularly well on sex, and is refreshingly comfortable with the ambiguities at play in each encounter. This psychologically intelligent study... packs a very precise punch."

    Zoë Apostolides, Financial Times
  • "When two people meet is it need, fantasy or love? Slack-Tide takes us on an urgent journey and kept me reading late into the night. "

    Esther Freud