• "The Travelers is a rare debut that heralds what should be a long and promising career."

    Times Literary Supplement
  • "An astoundingly audacious debut."

    Oprah Magazine
  • "Regina Porter’s sprawling, sparkling debut novel is an exhilarating ride. Porter is a wickedly astute chronicler of human foibles. In her hands, this series of glimpses feels something like life itself."

  • "Spanning six decades and three continents…[The Travelers] is held together by an elegant web of connections… Porter has a striking habit of telescoping time to chart individual trajectories… The often breathtaking immediacy and assurance of Porter’s prose carries you through."

    Daily Mail
  • "If you’re looking for a poetic, spare, sometimes funny tale of ordinary people pining for meaningful connections — or if you’re someone who wishes Raymond Carver had published a novel — you have arrived."

    New York Times
  • "This kaleidoscopic debut novel... deftly skips back and forth through the decades, sometimes summarizing a life in a few paragraphs, sometimes spending pages on one conversation. As one character observes, "We move in circles in this life.""

    New Yorker
  • "[A] remarkable debut novel... There is a confidence to Porter's writing that makes it hard to believe that this is her first novel... The Travelers succeeds because Porter is so clear-eyed when documenting human interactions, the mass of particularities amounting to a gloriously and depressingly messy picture of life in America."

    Literary Review
  • "American history comes to vivid, engaging life in this tale of two interconnected families (one white, one black)… the complex, beautifully drawn characters are unique and indelible."

    Entertainment Weekly
  • "A sprawling, ambitious debut ... Beautifully written and intricately plotted."