• "An amazing, page-turning, jaw-droppingly honest read. In 2–3 pages she might just have summed up the entire truth and meaning of life."

  • "One of the things I love about the book is how she just keeps going and proves everyone wrong… I have met and interviewed lots of inspiring athletes, but Jessica is the only person I have interviewed who has inspired me to confront my “sad thing”, to take on a challenge outside my comfort zone."

    Outdoor Swimmer
  • "It was this year’s most keenly awaited fertility book, and Jessica Hepburn’s 21 Miles – swimming in search of the meaning of motherhood doesn't disappoint . . . go and buy this highly recommended book right away!"

    Fertility Road
  • "Jessica wins over the reader with her sparkling style, yet her self-deprecating humour also belies an undertow of tremendous sadness too: of an enormous grief of an invisible loss that our society has yet to appreciate, and, also, of her partnership unravelling as she swims on, and on, and on. I laughed, and I cried, in equal measure. Mothers, and non-mothers should find resonances throughout – as I hope fathers, and non-fathers may too."
  • "Such a rich book that could relate to people in any painful situation who, like Jessica, feel that they have to do something different with their lives . . . I am sure that this book will help so many people."

    Positive Fertility

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