• "An excellent read! So original and clever that I was completely absorbed in the story. Gripping, tense and twisty with an unexpected ending. Phenomenal."

    Claire Douglas, author of LOCAL GIRL MISSING and LAST SEEN ALIVE
  • "A clever 'who dunnit' with a twist that almost made me miss my flight."

    Jane Corry, bestselling author of MY HUSBAND'S WIFE and BLOOD SISTERS
  • "A terrifying and disorienting thriller that will leave you questioning everyone and everything right to the very last page. It's so good I had to put everything on hold just to finish it."

    Nuala Ellwood, author of MY SISTER'S BONES
  • "When I Find You is a winner. It leads you down blind alleys and in to disorienting situations - I absolutely raced to the end."

    T. A. Cotterell, acclaimed author of WHAT ALICE KNEW
  • "A compelling, twisty read that kept me turning the pages late into the night, without ever managing to second guess what was coming next."

    Kerry Fisher, author of THE SILENT WIFE
  • "Very clever! Kept me up the entire night . . . Total curve ball."

    Cari Rosen
  • "Absorbing. Mesmerizing. Thought provoking. I was totally engrossed in this novel."

    Amanda Robson, author of OBSESSION and GUILT