• "[Victory makes] a convincing case for James Lasdun as one of the most incisive investigators of the human heart writing in English today an instant masterpiece."

    Johanna Thomas-Corr, Observer
  • "Two superb novellas full of contemporary resonanceextraordinarily taut and compelling."

    Leyla Sanai, Spectator
  • "The novellas [in Victory] are united by Lasdun’s signature virtues: a forensic attention to psychological detail, a mastery of dialogue and an all-round fluency that gives his prose a compelling swiftness. It is these virtues, more than the plots, that make Victory a triumph."

    Frank Lawton, Literary Review
  • "Timely and irresistibly unpleasantsure to provoke passionate discussion… [Afternoon of a Faun] lingers after you have closed the book with a vividness that testifies to the compact virtues of the novella."

    Marcel Theroux, Guardian
  • "[James Lasdun’s] electric new book… is absorbing… [it] constantly pulls the rug from under your feet."

    Anthony Cummins, Daily Mail