• "Tender, courageous and extremely funny, this book will make us all braver."

    Daisy Buchanan
  • "Painfully hilarious"

  • "In a world of self-care and nights in, this book will inspire and remind you to do some things that scare you every so often."

    Emma Gannon
  • "A chronicle of Pan’s hilarious and painful year of being an extrovert."

  • "Absolutely bloody great. As a textbook, concrete, public changing, foghorn extrovert, I find Jessica Pan’s descriptions of introversion and shyness fascinating and she is very funny."

    Nell Frizzell
  • "Well, I adored this. Beautifully written, fascinating and so, so funny. Had me properly guffawing on the bus."

    Lauren Bravo
  • "Sorry I'm Late, I Didn't Want to Come achieves what so many books claim (but then frankly fail) to do: making you laugh, while at the same time managing to inspire. Pan is a gem, and her introvert's exploration of extroversion is all at once delightful and deftly rendered."

    Sara Barron
  • "Relatable, moving, and fantastically funny."

    Rhik Samadder