• "O’Neill's investigations started twenty years ago…and they have continued ever since … His research monomaniacally took over his life … [Full of] scandalous findingsAs it develops, O'Neill's tale embroils an increasingly stellar cast of accomplices or enablersNo unified field theory of malfeasance would be complete without a link to the JFK assassination and the ensuing cover-up. O’Neill supplies one, and to me it seems only too plausible. Inevitably there are contemporary resonancesO’Neill's intricately sinister ‘secret history’ often sounds incredible; that doesn't mean that it's not all true."

  • "A kaleidoscope swirl of weird discoveries and mind-bending hypotheticals that reads like Raymond Chandler."

    New York Times
  • "Chaos explodes a bomb under Manson’s Helter Skelter race war … TantalizingFounded on prodigious research, it convincingly impugns key tenets of Bugliosi’s [Helter Skelter] narrative and exhumes a trove of provocative dataExplosive revelationsO’Neill’s 20-year investigation reads like a thriller with overtones of Philip Marlowe."

    Los Angeles Times
  • "A 20-year quest for the truth may have not found any definitive answers — but it definitely changes the storyChaos offers a slew of newly reported information that proves one thing: There’s more to it than we thought."

    Rolling Stone

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