• "Frank and courageous ... blazes with light and honesty"

    The i
  • "Tan's book is moving, insightful, and hilare. Any bad stories about me are totally untrue, but the rest is brilliant. Best book of the millennium!"

    Jonathan Van Ness
  • "Just when I thought I knew everything about Tan, he hits me with this. His story is so heartwarming, and wickedly funny."

    Antoni Porowski
  • "Who hasn’t tried the French tuck? Peppered with fashion dos and don’t s, the memoir of arguably Doncaster’s most famous TV export is a must for any Queer Eye fan."

    Evening Standard
  • "It's full of everything you’d hope to read from Netflix’s most popular fashion expert – styling tips, tongue-in-cheek quips and a candid, conversational dive into his personal life … It’s hard to imagine how readers wouldn’t be touched by at least one of the many stories Tan tells"