• Beautiful...the extraordinary Yoko Ogawa casts her spell ...This is a tale which will leave the reader gasping

    Irish Times
  • Alive with mysteries both mathematical and personal, this novel has the pared-down elegance of an equation

    Oprah magazine
  • Strangely charming, flecked with enough wit and mystery to keep us engaged throughout... fairy-tale surrealism and quiet spiritual wisdom

    Washington Post
  • This is one of those books written in such lucid, unpretentious language that reading it is like looking into a deep pool of clear water...Dive into Yoko Ogawa's world and you find yourself tugged by forces more felt than seen

    New York Times
  • Where Yoko Ogawa's brilliance lies is in taking such an apparently stiff framework and bending it into a work of warmth and beauty; or showing us that mathematics is not a cold, hard, science, but an elegant, complex, shimmering art. This feat of literary spoon-bending is accomplished with such calm elegance that it quite takes the breath away

    The Times Book Club

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