• "Vivid, evocative, moving. I loved it"

    Claire Fuller
  • "

    Sarah Leipciger is a novelist of wild landscapes, of rivers and coasts and forest. She captures the nature of solitude and stillness in a way that no other writer does. THE MOUNTAIN CAN WAIT was a wonder. COMING UP FOR AIR expands her range even further, exploring that eerie shoreline where land and ocean meet, where breathing becomes drowning, and life teeters on the very edge.


    Mark Haddon
  • "An extraordinary, three-century braid of air and water: the way we float, the way we drown, the way we surface again against the odds."

    Francis Spufford
  • "Spellbinding and beautifully written . . . an extraordinary novel. I can’t wait to read what Leipciger writes next."

    Carys Bray
  • "Leipciger writes with great compassion and precision, her language is an exquisite mix of muscle and grace"

    Michèle Forbes