• "A humblingly honest and human war-report from the front lines of mothering, psychosis and recovery: there is no other book like it, and it is so desperately needed."

    Caitlin Moran
  • "I saw the end of the world in her eyes. I knew she was in there somewhere but she was being held prisoner by her mind and we were all helpless to it. Sometimes things happen to us which means we can save other people, my own experience with mental health helped save her and now here she is about to save a whole generation of women!"

  • "Having had a terrible time after the birth of my first born I was so overwhelmed with relief that Laura wrote this book for those of us who didn’t have the fairytale. What I think it’s important to know is that even though things don’t always go to plan and all parents make mistakes it doesn’t mean your aren’t a superhero or a power mum in your own right. Thank you Laura for making us all feel worthy and all feel more love for our children than ever before. We don’t make them, they make us and that can manifest in so many different ways. A must read for all of those muddling through."

    Paloma Faith
  • "This is a generous, humane, brave gift of a book. Its guts and humour spoke to me loud and clear. I wept for Laura, women I love, and ones I’ve never met, many times throughout. There’s a conspiracy of silence around so many of areas of birth and new motherhood, and Laura is breaking the glass ceiling of it, with glorious honesty, humour and humility. I salute you, Laura - you’re a fucking warrior!"

    Sophie Dahl