• "A stunning debut thriller . . . ferocious, authentic and utterly terrifying . . . absolutely riveting."

    Geoffrey Wansell, DAILY MAIL
  • "There are some authors who have gone out into the world to observe the good, the bad and the ugly. Owen Matthews is such a novelist. Black Sun is fascinating and has fearsome authenticity."

  • "An outstanding first novel . . . Matthews writes superbly."

    SUNDAY TIMES 'Crime Book of the Month'
  • "One of the best thrillers of recent years . . . a glorious book, a tour-de-force. It drips with authenticity from every page . . . a page-turning, thumping good read."

    DAVID YOUNG, bestselling author of Stasi Child
  • "Fact and fiction combine to keep the pages turning in this impressive debut thriller."

    Antonia Senior, THE TIMES 'Best Historical Fiction of the Year'
  • "A stunning debut. Matthews writes enviably well and knows Soviet Russia inside-out. Fantastic."

  • "Enthralling . . . Black Sun propels Matthews straight into the first division of thriller writers."

  • "This thrilling and suspenseful and original thriller of murder and power is a compelling voyage into the darkest secret city of the soviet nuclear project by an expert on all of Russian life."

  • "The most exciting thriller or mystery story debut this year . . . a cold war whodunnit . . . an absolutely gripping novel by one who knows Russia well and evokes a horrifyingly convincing Soviet Union."

    A. N. Wilson, THE TABLET 'Books of the Year'
  • "Brilliantly plotted and all the more satisfying because it is based on a true story . . . Something else, too: you get it that the Soviet Union in the sixties was a mess with all the wrong people holding the levers of power. And yet, inside the machine, there were humans too: sometimes noble, often seriously brilliant. Reading Black Sun is like stepping into a time machine and setting the dial for Soviet Russia, 1961."