• "Full of love, sorrow, and tenderness, Yan Lianke’s memoir offers a deeply heartfelt account of his family in the 1960s and 70s. Three Brothers is a must read for anyone who wants to understand post-Mao China and a new opportunity to experience more of what this extraordinary author conveys to us with his vivid and poetic style"

    Xiaolu Guo
  • "One of the masters of modern Chinese literature"

    Jung Chang
  • "Yan depicts his provincial relatives with enormous heart and respect, acknowledging their sacrifices in a dark yet poignant meditation on grief and death... A memoir steeped in metaphor and ultimately tremendously moving."

  • "The work of the Chinese author Yan Lianke reminds us that free expression is always in contention – to write is to risk the hand of power"

  • "Fierce, funny, painful and playful…a great Chinese writer"

    Amos Oz
  • "Yan is one of those rare geniuses who finds in the peculiar absurdities of his own culture the absurdities that infect all cultures"

    Washington Post