• "Groundbreaking, brilliant, fearless"

    David Olusoga (on Stamped from the Beginning), Observer
  • "A powerful, thought-provoking book that features a dizzying array of characters, deftly navigates complex intellectual terrain and draws on a wealth of evidence"

    (on Stamped from the Beginning), Literary Review
  • "You should read it for its arguments about what racism is … Nor should you dodge it on the basis that you knew all this already – like me, you almost certainly didn't"

    David Aaronovitch (on Stamped from the Beginning), The Times
  • "Lucid, accessible, unyielding … Kendi’s most important insight might help rethink anti-racist activism"

    Sadiah Qureshi (on Stamped from the Beginning), New Statesman
  • "I can’t say whether Ibram X Kendi’s Stamped from the Beginning will offend most white people (though I’m willing to bet it will offend some), but he damn sure names white supremacy for what it is"

    Mark Anthony Neal, Guardian