• "This is the Rushdie we still need: eviscerator of the powers-that-be, who destroys rather than creates illusions... Here is a language adequate to our times."

  • "A delightful confection… Humane and humorous. Rushdie is in top form, serving up a fine piece of literary satire."

    Kirkus Reviews *starred review*
  • "Rushdie’s rambunctious latest... [is an] uproarious comedy a brilliant rendition of the cheesy, sleazy, scary pandemonium of life in modern times."

    Publishers Weekly *starred review*
  • "Rushdie's dazzling and provocative improvisation on an essential classic has powerful resonance in this time of weaponized lies and denials."

    Booklist *starred review*
  • "Quichotte overwhelms you from the first page with a lightning storm of ideas and a monsoon of exuberant prose… Quichotte has all the verbal pyrotechnics and outlandish invention that will be familiar to readers of Rushdie’s fourteen previous novels, but at the heart it is a serious and affecting tale about the irresistible pull of history… those who are prepared to sit back and enjoy the ride will encounter scenery like none they have ever seen."

    Literary Review