• "Compelling reflections on the dignity of human life, and the emotional inevitability of its end."

    Professor Stephen Westaby
  • "Editors Choice - This life-affirming book takes a multi-faceted look at the end of life. Jarrett blends memoir with science, philosophy and the odd burst of magic as he reflects on death: the tragedy, the comedy and everything in between. It's a wonderfully humane manifesto for all the frank and open conversations that we, our parents, our children, the medical community, our government and society should be having."

    The Bookseller
  • "An extraordinary, unflinching rumination that brings us into a more companionable relationship with death, and in doing so helps us to live. There is a deceptive lightness to David's writing which keeps us in easy company, undoes much of its mystery, and helps us in that most vital adult project: to face our mortality. This book will stay with you."

    Derren Brown