• "A gruesome and darkly comic insight into the life of a ASB Officer. Think Adam Kay's This is Going to Hurt but with more dead bodies (and not just human ones) and an abundance of cat shit. It's a gloriously cynical read but it's also sympathetic and deeply empathetic. Being an ASB Officer comes across as one of those "rotten but somebody's got to do it jobs" and I was glad that in these cases, that that somebody was the author."

    Kathy Burke
  • "Superb. This hysterically funny and moving memoir of an anti-social behaviour officer is a real eye-opener that hits all the right notes"

    Frankie Boyle
  • "A riveting and brilliantly written memoir . . . There is a human story on every page to make you cry with sorrow, cry with laughter or curl your toes in horror (often all three at once). The result is a potent cocktail of heartbreak and horror; wickedly funny, wearily endearing and absolutely enraging."

  • "A funny, thoughtful look into one of the toughest jobs I can imagine."

    Shappi Korsandi

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