• A stunningly good book with jaw-dropping revelations on every page, Left Out is the ultimate inside story of how Jeremy Corbyn went from the brink of victory to one of the worst defeats in British political history. It is both a breath-taking work of political journalism and a gripping first draft of history that is unlikely ever to be bettered. Unquestionably the political book of the year

    TIM SHIPMAN, author of All Out War
  • An outstanding, balanced account of the Corbyn leadership from 2017-2019. My one tip? Don't read it late, you won't be able to sleep because of the anger

    Aaron Bastani
  • Deeply reported ... reads like a thriller ... one of the more riveting stories in modern British political history ... told with panache and pace ... Gossip aside, Left Out delivers a piercing analysis of the pressures on Labour's leadership as the party broke on the rocks of Brexit

    Financial Times
  • Meticulous and even-handed ... The book's detailed accounts of tension, fallings-out and the ingrained fondness for factional warfare on all sides of the Labour party often rock along

    John Harris, Observer
  • There are many eye popping revelations in Left Out, the definitive post mortem of the Corbyn project

    Helen Lewis, Sunday Times

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