• A fascinating blueprint for a hope-filled future underpinned by the social power of impact investing.

    Kristalina Georgieva, Managing Director, International Monetary Fund, Former CEO, World Bank Group
  • Capitalism isn't immoral, it's amoral - it's a wild beast that needs to be led. Here Sir Ronnie provides the core operating manual for those seeking to do good while also doing well.

    Bono, Lead Singer of U2 and Co-Founder of The Rise Fund
  • Impact is a new and very important idea to reshape and save our economic system.

    Paul Romer, Nobel Prize in Economics, 2018
  • The book is timely, visionary, bold...and thoroughly persuasive.

    Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks
  • This is not only a masterpiece but an historically important book-a powerful intervention in our thinking on harnessing financial resources for the good. It intervenes with profoundly compassionate imagination, and genius, where neither governments nor private philanthropy have prevailed. Each paragraph, each page, brim over with visionary scope and micro-textured examples of exactly what Sir Ronald has been so brilliantly engineering, and the many sectors in which the " Impact Revolution" is so well instantiated and advancing. Written with great lucidity and persuasive power, Impact is the most genuinely hopeful and important work I've read in this arena in decades.

    Peter Sacks, Professor of English and American Literature and Language, Harvard University

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