• Magnificent, vivid, moving, superb . . . offers a thousand vignettes of drama, terror, cruelty, compassion, courage and cowardice

    Max Hastings, Sunday Times
  • A knockout reassessment of one of the Second World War's great set-piece battles. Swoops from the vicious close-quarter fighting in the hedgerows to the petrified French onlookers and onwards to the political leaders wrestling with monumental decisions

    Sunday Times
  • Beevor has succeeded brilliantly. D-Day can sit proudly alongside his other masterworks on Stalingrad and the fall of Berlin. Superbly brings the events of that summer to life again

    Patrick Bishop, Daily Telegraph
  • As near as possible to experiencing what it was like to be there. . . It is almost impossible for a reader not to get caught up in the excitement

    Giles Foden, Guardian
  • A magnificent portrait. Beevor has assembled a mass of unfamiliar sources, fresh voices, and untold. As powerful and authoritative an account of the battle for Normandy as we are likely to get

    Max Hastings, Sunday Times
  • D-Day is a triumph of research. . . on almost every page there's some little detail that sticks in the mind or tweaks the heart. This is a terrific, inspiring, heart-breaking book

    Sam Leith, Daily Mail
  • It tells a thrilling story, with all Beevor's narrative mastery

    Chris Patten, Financial Times
  • Impeccable, splendid, thoroughly researched and gripping. Beevor is master of narrative, expertly blending the grand sweep with the telling anecdote

    Dominic Sandbrook, Observer
  • Beevor can be credited with single-handedly transforming the reputation of military history

    David Edgar, Guardian
  • His singular ability to make huge historical events accessible to a general audience recalls the golden age of British narrative history, whose giants include Gibbon, Macaulay and Carlyle

    Boyd Tonkin, Independent