• Nathan Wolfe is saving the world from near-inevitable pandemic ... a kick-ass book

    Mary Roach, author of Stiff
  • An excellent piece of scientific gothic, rich in descriptions of the threat we face from emerging viruses ... thought-provoking

  • Part autobiography, part warning ... enthralling

    BBC Focus
  • Quietly terrifying ... It's hard not to feel a bit feverish at times while reading

    Boston Globe
  • Wolfe has an important story to tell and as a virologist at the forefront of pandemic forecasting, he is the perfect person to tell it. He explains the science clearly and never stoops to sensationalism - the evidence of our increasing vulnerability to pandemics speaks for itself

  • The world's most prominent virus hunter

    New Yorker
  • The plague-ridden future imagined by this authoritative, measured, yet gripping book is extremely alarming

    Sunday Times
  • A good place to start preparing for what might come

    New Humanist